Welcome to PT. Laksana Kurnia Mandiri Sejati

Since its establishment of Tegal spinning mill in 1997, PT Laksana Kurnia Mandiri Sejati (LAKUMAS) has proven its strong presence in textile spinning industry specializing in synthetic yarn. With an acquisition of Bandung spinning mill in 2006, LAKUMAS aims to produce quality yarn for knitting and weaving with a total of 40,000 spindles for Acrylic / Cotton production line including.

Sucofindo ISO

We have experience in producing good export quality yarn for 20 years. We have exported to many countries including Japan, Korea, USA, Middle-East and also South Africa. Our quality management system is certified ISO 9001:2008 in 2014. 

What We Do

Equipped with renowned Japanese names in textile machineries and with recent addition of brand new machineries from Toyota, Rieter, and Murata, PT Lakumas remains progressive in establishing new market and expanding its current 400 metric ton monthly capacity. As one of the forefont in acrylic and synthetic yarn market, PT Lakumas is progressively reaching global market with export to over 25 countries, cooperating with world class producers with global presence, while maintaining strong presence in local and export orientation.

PT Lakumas offer a wide range of products with various yarn count from ne 18/1 to ne 60/1 to cater our customer needs, as follow:

  • Acrylic Non-bulky yarn and/Anti Pil yarn
  • Acrylic/High Bulky yarn
  • Acrylic Melange yarn
  • And lot others, including Poly/Linen, Acrylic/Poly, Acrylic Rayon, and Modacrylic.
  • Our yarn available in single or double, on cone or on hank

Factory Details


20,000 Spindles

(2-Inch Spinning)


17,000 Spindles

(2-Inch Spinning)

7,000 Spindles

(cotton type)

Our Clients

Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion Co., Ltd.
Pt. Acryl Textile Mills
PT. Ateja (Bandung), Fancy Jaya (Bandung), Hanil Indonesia (Boyolali), PT. Actem (Tangerang) PT. Agung Kuncoro (Solo), Borobudur Knitting (Yogyakarta),
Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand
Taekwang (Korea), Dongbang (Korea), Dongsung (Korea), Changshin (Korea), Inotex (Korea), Vensta (Korea), Toyoshima (Jepang), Shinatomo (Jepang), Mistubishi corporation (Jepang), Matsui (Jepang), Marusho hotta co. Ltd, (Jepang), Yagi and Co Ltd, Cungho (Taiwan) , Banphai Yongseng Partnership Ltd (Thailand), Etc.

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Karawaci Warehouse Top Floor
Jalan Imam Bonjol KM 2,58, Karawaci, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia 15115
Tel. +6221 5585433 Fax. +6221 5588948